Saturday, 13 June 2009

my figure collection

as you can see i only collect DC figures and most ( all but 3) are women,

wonder woman and supergirl, since i love their comics it goes without saying that i'd collect their figures too.

I love them all, but i do have a few that i like over all.

this is the most beautiful of all the wonder woman figures i have, i think everything from the face to the outfit just look better then the others out there.

this supergirl has always been my favourite, the Linda Danvers white t supergirl has and always will be my favourite, and this over the original white t figure is just plan better.

i think the colours being lighter on the top one make her look more like the comic book version.

if you see them side by side your eye will always go to the brighter of the two.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, the DC Direct Supergirl is better than the DCUC, though I like them both.

    I also agree that the Terry Dodson Wonder Woman figure is awesome. I got that one right when it came out, along with the Donna Troy figure, which is also beautiful.

    I like your collection, I have quite of few of them, and want those that I don't.

    Just this week I went on a small binge on eBay, and among the figures I have on the way are: Justice League of America series 3 Wonder Woman, JLA Classified Wonder Woman, and Red Son Wonder Woman. I was also trying to get the Trinity and Amazonia figures, but they went beyond my budget.