Saturday, 16 May 2009

Captain Wonder Issue 1

issue 1 part 1

Dr Psycho runs from S.T.A.R Labs with a small box under his arm,

he ducks down an ally as police cars whizz by, he opens the box and looks inside.

Psycho '' yes, yes this will work nicely''

inside S.T.A.R. Labs police speak with Dr Kitty Faulkner.

Officer '' Dr, can you tell what was taken at this point? ''
Dr Faulkner '' i don't know why he took it, it has no value''
Officer '' Dr, what was it?''
Dr Faulkner '' a sun crystal, supergirl bought it to me and asked if i could analyze it, its nothing
more then a crystal that draws in the suns rays''
officer '' any idea why Psycho would want it? could he use it in a weapon? ''
Dr Faulkner '' no.... i don't think so, i mean it is nothing more then glowing crystal''
Officer '' well he must want it for something, and I'm sure before long we will find out why''

Back at Psycho's hideout Psycho examines the crystal.

Psycho '' with the power inside this crystal i will finally be more then a match for Wonder Woman''
Psycho holds the crystal in both hands and closes his eyes, he begins to focus, as the light from the crystal engulfs him he starts to grow in height and girth, his clothes change ,emulating the armour worn by Wonder Woman, but before his transformation is complete Circe enters and calls out to him.
Circe '' Psycho you little worm, what's with the light show?''
Psycho ignores her, concentrating on becoming more powerful.
Circe '' DO NOT IGNORE ME!''
Circe fires a bolt of purple energy at Psycho throwing him off balance, forcing him to drop and shatter the sun crystal into pieces, his size lowers back to that of no more then 4 feet.
Circe '' do not raise your voice to me, as much as i hate to say this, i am in need of your help, that and that alone is why i don't destroy you where you stand, you horrid little imp''
Psycho ''where is it? where did it go?''
Circe ''what? that little trinket? it broke, I'm sure it was worthless''
Psycho ''no, you cow, the power, i was in mid transformation, that power would not just dissipate, it has to have gone somewhere, now with your stupid girly magics it could be anywhere''

outside joe's pizza place.

Dean a young man, blond messy hair over his eyes, leaves his friends outside the pizza place and heads home, passing an ally a hand grabs him and drags in into the dark, pulling out a gun the man orders money.
THUG ''Gimme ya wallet kid''
Dean reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet and hands it over.
Dean ''take it man, no one needs to get hurt here''
the man opens the wallet and counts a whole $7.
Thug '' 7 bucks? is that all ya got?
Dean '' that's it man, I'm sorry that's all i have, please just take it and leave''
the man throws the wallet to the ground and aims the gun at deans head.
Thug '' too bad for you kid''
Dean ''no come on man NO!''
Dean covers his head with his hands as the man pulls the trigger.
BANG! the white flash from the gun turns purple as dean hears a ting, dean opens his eyes to see the man somehow missed.
Dean ''huh?''
Thug 'huh?''
a purple light swirls around dean changing his clothes into a male version of wonder woman's armour.
Thug '' what the fu....''
before the man can finish dean steps forward and grabs the gun with one hand and crushes it into a ball.
Thug '' I'm sorry, i didn't mean anything''
Dean '' too bad for you''
Dean lifts the man with one hand and throws him into the wall knocking him out.
Dean '' what is this?''
Dean looks into a window to see his reflection.
Dean '' I'm.... I'm wonder man??''

back at psycho's hideout

Circe sits on a chair curling her hair as psycho screams and throws things
Psycho '' you had no right to just come in here and touch my stuff you magic moron''
Circe ''are you done yet? this is getting old, it happened, I'm not sorry, move on''
Psycho ''move on? MOVE ON? you just cost me my chance to match wonder woman for once, i could have beaten her, i would have thought that you of all people would want that?''
Circe ''well yes, i do, had i known what you were doing i might have been a little more tactful''
Psycho '' tact is not a word i thought you knew''
Psycho takes a deep breathe, then looks at Circe with a smirk.
Circe '' ewww don't look at me like that, makes me feel sick you shrunken elf''
Psycho '' my dear,don't flatter yourself, i wouldn't touch you with a dead guys''
Circe '' charming, as always''
Psycho '' i have just had a thought, your magic caused this and your magic can fix this.
Circe ''how? no wait why? as in why would i want to?
Psycho ''because you want my help and i will be more then happy to help you once I'm the male wonder woman''
Circe ''very well, this better not take long, what do you want me to do?''
Psycho '' well you must have a way of tracking your magic, if you can, then we can find where it went and i can call it into me''
Circe ''fine, ill do it, find me a map''

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