Saturday, 13 June 2009

Linda Danvers

This is my linda danvers figure, i found her by accident while comic shoppin a couple of weeks ago, she was not in a pack or box but did come with her shoulder bag, the stand is from a wonder woman figure too big for it.

love seeing her stand beside her supergirl alter ego, just wish i had a matrix supergirl to stand with them.

yes im sad but i had to play with them haha

and again lol


  1. Where. Did. You. Find. That.

    It's a custom, right? I have a Jessica Jones figure that's really a Faith from Buffy. I just pretend it's Jessica Jones.

  2. I found while trying to find what series she was from that its not linda danvers tho it looks 100% like her, its some one called sophie from a different dc comic.

  3. That is awesome. Is it DC Direct? I may have to see if I can pick that up sometime.