Thursday, 18 November 2010

just a quick update of my figures, i know they are all clustered together but i really dont have the pace for them lol
i have put them away since these pictures were taken and before i did i took pictures of them in their groups.

these are my other wonder women, super friends,blackest night, trinity, and retro.
these are my teen titans, i know impulse should be kid flash but he looks good with them.
old superboy and crisis supergirl.
these are my retro figures.
these are randoms i got, no clue who the silver woman is lol
long halloween batman and catwoman, cant remember what the batgirl is from.
these are little 3 inch figures, came with diff heads hands, feet and weapons.
my Alex Ross figures, gorgeous!
knightwing and flamebird from the supergirl comics,
supergirl and evil sups from apokolips
linda danvers (not really but wow close enough) and linda danvers supergirl
black canary, i have the white and red mary marvel too now, need a pic.
wonder woman and artemis as wonder woman.
batgirl and catoman from the batman cartoon
variant supergirl and sups
super family
bat family
wonder woman series one figures, i have diana now too.
red son and amazonia
ed mcguinness figures

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  1. the silver figure is from The Authority, i think :)