Sunday, 3 May 2009



OK so I'm a big wonder woman fan, love her, always have and i will not hear a bad word about her.

I read/collect a few comics from DC 'wonder woman' supergirl' teen titans' titans'
'52' 'countdown' and now 'trinity'

this blog is gonna be mostly me going on and on about all the good and bad things about these comics, I'm also going to be posting some of my favorite pictures from comics, such as this....

It will also be about remembering some heroes/villains that are not with us anymore, such as Linda Danvers (Supergirl) Conner Kent (superboy) and my favorite villain from wonder woman's past Captain Wonder.
If you dont know, captain wonder was a villain from the first run of wonder woman, he was only in 3 issues but still my favorite,
wonder woman has never had a male counterpart, yes i know he was a villain but still,
superman has supergirl, batman has batgirl and now they both have women taking there mantle too,
wonder woman has had 2 wonder girls but no male,
of course i know this is because she is an amazon and they are meant to be female but this has now changed after wonder woman's boyfriend was made and amazon by her mother, plus Zeus has now made his own race of amazons and they are men.
but back on topic, as i said ill be rattling on about all the good and bad things in the comics from now on.
please feel free to start a topic or suggest a picture or comic for me to rate/read or post.
captain wonder out

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